Wednesday, October 20

Square Bob French Guy

I saw many interesting things during my European tour, including old windmills in Holland, enough cathedrals to satiate a bus full of nuns, and the Mona Lisa. However, two things stand out as particularly memorable to me.

The first is the giant steel structure in the shape of the inside of an iron molecule, standing 335 feet high, called the Atomium. Created for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair, its gleaming steel spheres recreate the 1950's view of a glorious future for cheap ubiquitous atomic power, a future that never materialized, like levitating cars.

The second is an example of graffiti on a door in Paris. Although surely ignored by most people who daily pass it by, it caught my attention for its goofy optimistic charm:  a little man with wings instead of arms, who wears a tie, and smokes, as many in Paris do. I call him, "Square Bob French Guy".

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