Olden Rhooms, the owner, inherited the hotel, and spends most of his time behind the front desk. As the most level-headed person in the hotel, he is the voice of sense and reason amid his renters' eccentricities and obsessions. Try not to stare at his comb-over.

Ivan, the Artist, has one primary concern, and that is to create 'Art'. He is as much in love with the process of conceptualization as he is with the actual drawing, sculpting, or painting. His main support person, or patron, is his mother, who loves and believes whole-heartedly in anything he does.

Ennis, the Inventor, is a precocious child of indeterminate age, who lives on his own in the hotel, because he was bored with his parents, and ran away to seek grant money and invent robots, and other contrivances to make life more interesting.

Charlie, the Missionary, came to the hotel after his missionary partner died accidentally of salmonella from under-cooked eggs. He is the cheeriest resident, because he gladly accepts God's will, and feels accepted and never alone. He is patriotic, obedient, loyal, and always positive.

RoboCat, the Robotic Feline, was created by Ennis, and lives with him in his room. He is quite docile, even though he is large and made out of metal. He works within the limitations that come with having a computer for a brain. This RoboCat is not to be confused with any other RoboCats in existence.

Lucy, the Poet, lives in a dark part of the hotel, with her pet snake, and who knows what else.  She is friendly enough, but was molded by a secret past, which manifests itself in unusually morose and negative expression.

Various visitors come and go, and as such, are not listed here, but are none-the-less welcome, unless of course they have bad mojo.