Monday, November 22

Airport Pat-Downs Should Be Fun

Lately, I have been troubled by the recent personal pain of the "Don't Touch My Junk" guy, and any man who is upset by too-familiar airport security pat-downs.  So I have arrived at a solution that I think will be acceptable to most men.  That is, to do this delicate job, the TSA hires well-built, scantily-clad young women.

This is a perfect opportunity for Hooters® to hire out their waitresses for extra work, and pocket a nice commission.  Or to avoid the additional cost, the TSA could do their own hiring, although I wouldn't trust them to do the best picking.  This also might be an excellent case where politicians could do a better job, as they seem to do a great job in picking their own young mistresses.

In the interest of fairness, although gay men might not have a problem with the current situation, we could allow for the hiring of hunky male agents.  This option will also placate irate women, or women who would like a more exciting airport experience.

And finally, all travellers would be given their choice of available pat-down agents.  After all, we all want travelling to be a pleasant and customizable experience.

(Special Note: This was posted prior to my finding out about Saturday Night Live's spoof).

Saturday, November 20

Charlie On His Own (In Color!)

Sure, I know this is another 'Twitter' reference, but in this case it fits.  BTW, this is the first instance of color in Hotel Rhooms!  It does add some extra time to the production, but I should be able to speed up the process as I gain experience with it.  But it adds pizzaz, and that's important, I'm told.

Thursday, November 18

An Unfortunate Incident

His name is Charley, and his visit to Hotel Rhooms is due to an unfortunate incident involving a breakfast.  It just goes to show that we never know when we will be 'taken away', so let's make the most of our lives, and try to dress better, at least.

Wednesday, November 17

My Missionary Position

My next thought for a new character is to have a religious one.  Nothing like politics and religion to polarize people, which isn't what I want to do.  Still, they are both areas to play with.  So I am  playing with having a Christian missionary staying for awhile.

He would be from a Church that doesn't exist specifically, but he would embody some common Christian attitudes.  So where's the comic in this?  Good question! 

Probably, not 'haw, haw' humor, but perhaps 'heh, heh' humor.  I just want to show a different slice of the human experience.  Like the Ivan, the artist, or Ennis, the inventor, everyone brings their perspective to the table, so to speak.

He will be neat and well dressed, and a man with a mission, ... I mean, important job to do.  And although he may occasionally have some doubts, he will never be negative!

However, in order to balance things out, and in the interest of fair play, I may have to introduce a satanic devil-worshiper missionary. He would have to dress bizarrely and always be negative.  But then I seem to have met too many of those people in the past.  Oh, if you're one of those people, please don't write any nasty comments.  Thanks.

Monday, November 15

Problems With Parrots

For a while I've been thinking about having a parrot character in my strip.  I don't know who would be the owner of the parrot, though.  I've ruled out a pirate, but I'm thinking the character could be an elderly woman. 

But more to the point, what can a parrot say, except to 'parrot' someone, commonly his or her owner.  That doesn't give the parrot a lot of options as to what to say.  For instance it can't be too long or complex, only short phrases at most.  Half of the time parrots don't actually say anything, and a squawking or mute parrot would not provide much of a contribution. So having the parrot deliver an actual punch-line might be too optimistic.  The best I could hope for is a punch-phrase or a punch-word.

I know that many people consider birds to be quite intelligent, but I'm not one of them.  For me, part of the charm of parrots is that they can say any words at all.  It's actually very astonishing.  They are like the court jesters of the bird 'kingdom', if there is such a thing.

Of course, there is nothing that says my parrot can't be long-winded, and wise-cracking, except that most people don't like comic strips full of text.  I know people who skip them, so I would have to be careful if I let my parrot pontificate or otherwise run-on at the beak.  For that, a parrot would need its own blog.

Thursday, November 11

Face Time At The Front Desk

You may not be able to tell, but I had to do a bit of research into what these various outfits look like. Obviously, there are some possible job opportunities for strict Muslim women in deep-sea diving. Just as obviously, the KKK would not allow women to ride with them. That's just not right; there ought to be a law!

Technical note: this is the first real use of photoshop to fill-in areas.  My next step would be a gradient fill!  I live an exciting life.

Tuesday, November 9

Pens and 'Al'

I went to the art supply store last Friday to buy two pens to replace some that I had bought in a set of varying sizes.  You'd think that the company that made the set would realize that some sized pens in the set would be used-up quicker than others.  But alas, single pens are not available. I'd have to buy another set.  At the time, I didn't have an alternative, so I bought another set. And, I'll start looking for individual pens to buy for next time.

However, I did also buy a "brush" pen, which has a tip that can be used like a brush to vary the width of the line.  I'm not sure I will use this pen for the strip, but, I did sketch an owl with it. 

 He's "Al, the Angry English Owl".  I say English because of the t-shirt he's wearing. I don't know why he's angry, but I do know that these days anger has been all the rage.

(Gratuitous Puns: another reason to be angry).

Saturday, November 6

Repeating The Past

Please disregard this strip in Argentina, as Daylight Savings Time is not practiced there, and there may be a problem with the translation of 'fall'.  And it's also probably their 'Spring'.  Of course I have no blog readers in Argentina, so please disregard this paragraph, altogether.

Friday, November 5

Vote With My Art

I am not endorsing this tactic. An actual ballot is still the better choice.