Thursday, April 28

Buffalo Phil And The Mighty Jeep

I'm now in Colorado Springs, with my girlfriend, who is attending a business conference. So with my spare time, I signed on with a small group to go on a little day trip around the area.

Our driver and guide was 'Buffalo' Phil. You can tell the difference between a faux cowboy and a real one, not by the boots and the hat, nor the vest and jean jacket, but by the bandana. Evidently, nice guys wear bandanas.

'Buffalo' Phil said he shot President Reagan, then explained he had been a photo-journalist for a local paper. You see, humor is still much a part of the old west.

Our mighty Jeep was capable of roughly 50 mph maximum speed, so on the interstate going up to the Air Force Academy, we were passed on all sides by motorists enjoying our flapping side curtains, and our possible discomfort in the unexpected snow squall that had broken out suddenly. Or perhaps they were just enjoying Phil's spiffy bandana.

Sunday, April 24

Good Tidings I Bring

Ah, with another religious holiday, Charlie appears: this time his earthly fondness for candy has gotten the better of him. Is this perhaps the work of the Devil? He would not likely think so.

His mixup of Christmas and Easter greetings, in this case, actually fits. In any case, have a Happy Easter.

Thursday, April 21

I Love Spring

Looks like everyone wants to get into the act. Perhaps some people are cut out for poetry, and some are not. Anyway, Ivan has some nice thoughts, and what's wrong with that?

Tech Note: I used my newly purchased favorite 0.6 mm pen, which is impossible to buy without buying a set of four other sizes, which I don't need.

Tuesday, April 19

Haiku For Spring

Here's hoping that whatever season you are having, it is a nice one. Lucy's poem does not inspire confidence in the regeneration of life. Perhaps Ivan could think of a more positive poem ...

I just found out I have an eye allergy, and the new eye drops I've been prescribed have relieved the symptoms from which I've had for years. I didn't know I had an allergy. Better late than never, though.

Friday, April 15

USA Tax Day Approaches

Income taxes are due by Monday, April 18th this year. So to "celebrate", here is my first strip since returning home from my protracted vacation (in Hawaii). The next strip will be perhaps Wednesday of next week.

Ennis' head seems a little larger than it normally is, and it is normally larger than the other characters' heads. Getting the relative proportions correct is a bit of a pain, so sometimes I don't put as much effort in that area as I should. I'll try better.

Friday, April 1

Losing My Head Over You

For two days, I'm back at home, but now I'm off to Hawaii. (Life is tough). I apologize for not doing any strips for awhile, but I don't have the time now to do them, and still remain sane. When my life settles back down, I will resume the adventures at Hotel Rhooms.

Meanwhile, here is a photo I took at National Harbor, MD. It appears to be a robot lifting his head from his body, or perhaps placing it back on. It is actually one of those coin-operated public binocular machines, for looking across the Potomac River.

I welcome any captions that you might think of.  Just put them in the comments. Thanks.