Tuesday, March 15

Pre-Spring Break

I'm off to see my family in the Washington, DC area, so I won't be able to do any strips until the end of March. Maybe I can post some other things of interest in the meantime.

Saturday, March 12

Zhu-Zhu Hampsters At Work

You can't say Randy RoboCat isn't thinking! Of course, we don't know exactly how he has tied the little critters to their Swiffer cloths, but then he has many built-in capabilities that are not readily apparent. One capability may be running a sweatshop.

Thursday, March 10

Little Furry Pet

While researching little furry electronic pets, I came upon this selling point for used Furbies. And whose portrait might be on Ennis' wall, but of course Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, an early tinkerer, himself.

Tuesday, March 8

Tired Of Swimming

I know ... the joke is a pun, but hey, if they don't come out of my head, it will explode. Actually, I drew the fish first, then they spoke the first line (no pun intended), then came Mr. Rhoom's line, then it created itself.  Don't blame me. Actually, I drew a pig first, but it never made into the strip.

This is the first strip to have a gradient fill. I like their little hats.

Saturday, March 5

Looking for Rooms

Someone is looking for a possible 'port in a storm', maybe political asylum. But, I don't think Mr. Rhooms will be amenable to this character.  He seems a bit over the top, not to mention his autocratic crimes. Colonel Qaddafi will need another hotel, at least. Qaddafi's left arm is a bit weird, but I had a self-imposed deadline, and would have had to do too much to fix it.

Thursday, March 3

New iPad 2 Announced

Ivan's many thoughts forge ahead. Unfortunately some of his thoughts should just stay in his head. I think Ivan idolizes Steve Jobs. But personally, I see no connection.

Tuesday, March 1

The New Game

Something more important than sports is on TV and the Internet.  Here's hoping that more democratic rule occurs in the Middle East, and with it an appreciation for the differences of others.