Saturday, January 29

Not Seeing What I Want

I like how the word 'investigate' gets hyphenated to separate "investi' and 'gate'.  The actions that led to the financial crisis, like Watergate, were made up of little bits of unseemly and sometimes illegal conduct, which undermined a major institution to the detriment of a great many people.  There's nothing to be proud of in the whole damned mess.

Thursday, January 27

Fired From Walmart

I told you Lucy had a job, and now I mean, she had a job.  What she lacks in social skills, she makes up for in a calm indifference to other people.

Tuesday, January 25

Sly and Sneaky

I looked up the story of Adam and Eve on Wikipedia, and found some interesting bits concerning the different interpretations and cultural assimilations. It's probably a good thing that a cat didn't talk Eve into eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge: very bad PR.

Saturday, January 22

Robots Can Be Very Persistent

After seeing Lucy's pet snake, Randy gets a hankerin' for a pet of his own.  Who knows whether it would be a pet or a toy. Certainly there would be some affinity, if not actual affection. For those of us who are not computer folk, in the last panel, Randy will repeat "I promise to take care of it" forever.

Thursday, January 20

Liking Everybody Unequally

Could Randy RoboCat have a innate or built-in fascination with the swallowing of small fury rodents?  It seems as though programmers, like Ennis, have made great strides in the fields of artificial intelligence, portending a new world of very realistic robot pets, unlike the clumsy ones of today.

Tuesday, January 18

Lovely Lucy Meets Ivan

I hope she keeps her day job, if she has one.  Oh, yes, she has one.  And it is to be revealed.  Seems there is more to 'Little Miss Sunshine' than one might first imagine. Perhaps she has read a bit too much of Mr. Edgar A. Poe.

(I'm back to hand-lettering my dialogue bubbles, except for Randy's).

Saturday, January 15

Lucy's Pet Snake

The newest resident, Lucy, has a pet, which has been accepted by Mr. Rhooms, because he's flexible with his house rules. I don't have big plans for the snake, so if you're looking forward to a wise-cracking serpent, you may have to wait.  Today's strip has a simple pun, with no need for a big buildup.  One of those major pun punchline strips (not pun intended) may come in the future ... without warning.

Thursday, January 13

Randy RoboCat

The new resident meets RoboCat for the first time. Both of them appear to be initially quite candid.

This is the first strip to use no hand-lettering at all.  I am experimenting with type styles ("fonts"). This one, 'Huxtible', seems to be a good beginning.  My life is easier, if I don't try to do hand-lettering.  I suspect your reading is easier, too.  The young lady's hair looks a little like a ski mask. I hope it's not confusing.

Tuesday, January 11

Little Miss Sunshine

At last our first woman resident arrives, eager to settle in. The little lady appears quite particular, and definitely knows what she wants. Will Mr. Rhooms be accommodating? Is RoboCat eves-dropping? He's seems very interested in our new person.

Friday, January 7

Ivan Has His Ups and Downs

This strip springs from my fascination with adverbs like 'up, down, in, out, over', when used with an indirect or irrational meaning.  For instance people may say, 'Let's go up to Florida', when they are actually saying this in New York.  Or they may say, 'I'm going to beat up your friend".  In this case, I doubt that your friend is going up.  More likely he's going down.

Wednesday, January 5

RoboCat Names Himself

This may not be ha-ha funny, but it's true. This really happened. I can't make this stuff up. Well, yes I can ...

This is supposed to be taking place in Ennis' and RoboCat's room: thus the new background color.  And this is the first color showing of Ennis' sweater.  Also, I'm coloring RoboCat's, (Randy's) ear interiors in a cat-like fleshy pink.

Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year

Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year!  This year I plan to develop some new characters, and create some new settings in the hotel. There will be the appearance of at least two female characters, and exploration of drawing styles, colors, etc..  Perhaps I can even get a little ahead in the production pipeline.  It has been an exciting time for me so far, and I look forward to creating new strips for you.  Cheers