Monday, November 22

Airport Pat-Downs Should Be Fun

Lately, I have been troubled by the recent personal pain of the "Don't Touch My Junk" guy, and any man who is upset by too-familiar airport security pat-downs.  So I have arrived at a solution that I think will be acceptable to most men.  That is, to do this delicate job, the TSA hires well-built, scantily-clad young women.

This is a perfect opportunity for Hooters® to hire out their waitresses for extra work, and pocket a nice commission.  Or to avoid the additional cost, the TSA could do their own hiring, although I wouldn't trust them to do the best picking.  This also might be an excellent case where politicians could do a better job, as they seem to do a great job in picking their own young mistresses.

In the interest of fairness, although gay men might not have a problem with the current situation, we could allow for the hiring of hunky male agents.  This option will also placate irate women, or women who would like a more exciting airport experience.

And finally, all travellers would be given their choice of available pat-down agents.  After all, we all want travelling to be a pleasant and customizable experience.

(Special Note: This was posted prior to my finding out about Saturday Night Live's spoof).

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