Monday, October 4

My Problems With Going To Europe

Earlier this year I had arranged to go to Ireland.  The day before our planned flight, the problem became 'The Volcano'. Yes, the unpronounceable volcano in Iceland began to get active again.  So I cancelled, not wanting to be stuck somewhere in some airport or hotel for days, like the thousands of travellers just before me.

This week I'm going to Europe again, and what do I read in the newspaper?  The U.S. Government has issued an official travel alert, warning Americans to be alert for terrorist activity.  Seems there are unspecific threats especially for the UK, Germany, and France.  Of course I'm going to be spending almost a week in Paris, which is the prime target in France. And of course, I will be spending my time with a group of Americans, and going to places Americans usually go to.

However, I have a strategy: I will be wearing spiffy walking shoes, a scarf, and most importantly, I've grown a goatee.  That makes me not look like an American.

Unfortunately, that makes me look like either a German psychoanalyst or a French Impressionist.

C'est la vie.

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