Tuesday, October 19

France Is Special

The day we are to leave France for the USA is the day of the big protest strike regarding the two year hike in the retirement age. We try to reserve a taxi, but there are few taxis available.  The trains to the (Charles DeGaulle) airport are one out of four.  They are jammed, we hear, so we go down to the nearest taxi stop, and as luck has it, a taxi pulls up, and we are off.  We are leaving with plenty of time for delays.  The traffic moves slowly, but unlike in the USA, they do not 'stop and go', as they have learned how to bob and weave.
All during the drive, our taxi driver complains sarcastically about the big shutdown and strike. He says that  France is 'special', i.e. spoiled stupid.

When we get to the airport, we learn that another United flight has the crew delayed in traffic. I hope ours is on time to the plane, as we will need them for take off.

The good part of the drive to the airport was the music, (see photo).

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