Thursday, September 2

Penguins Are Easier To Draw Than People

Today I sit down to draw a mini-strip.  I get an idea for it: the hotel manager asks the inventor if he can make a robot that will put his "coat away, feed the dog, fix the faucet, take out the trash, and turn off the light when it's done".  The inventor, who I've just now named Ennis, says, "Your wife is on your case, right?"  ... Ok, so far.

But that's just one panel.  My mini-strip has two panels, so I have one blank panel staring back at me. This is where I start to run into trouble.  In the last panel, something else should be said, I think, and if so, what, and by whom. I think of a few possibilities, but none of them felt good.

So then, I just start doodling, being reminded of a comic strip with penguins that I found yesterday.  I also drew some sketches of the manager's wife: a large woman wearing an apron. But I liked drawing the penguin.  It was easy, so I think, "why didn't I think of just doing a strip with penguins". Surely the world could take two penguin strips, and it would be a heck of a lot easier than drawing people.

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