Tuesday, September 14

68,647 New Yorker Magazine Cartoons

A friend recently loaned me his copy of The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker, which has all 68,647 cartoons from 1925 through 2004.  I'm up to 1951.

I notice a huge difference in how people talk now, compared to years past, and there are a lot of years past, here.  People seemed to have been more polite; they weren't better, they were just more politel.  Even the criminals were more polite.  Of course, these are cartoon criminals, so maybe there is a bit of 'translation' going on.

It's fun to see what cartoon ideas still hold up well today, and could be displayed now without explanation.  The great majority show their age.  But humor is humor, and the mere fact that they are drawings to make us laugh, is still enchanting and endearing to me.

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