Thursday, July 29

Day Two

Today I realized that I can't create my comic strip, if I spend the greater part of the day watching a recorded full stage of the Tour de France, and a bunch of other interesting TV programs, no matter how educational or enjoyable they may be. So I've decided to pull out the sketch book that my girlfriend gave me, and doodle while watching TV. A perfect solution!

Since I always have my cell phone with me, I'm now using the 'Memo' application in it to jot down ideas for my strip elements and characters. I know I'll have to be careful, and make it clear that I'm not using the people I know as my characters. So I'm stating right now that I'm not, and if it seems like I am, that's only because people will be looking for themselves in my work. And if you seem to see yourself in my comic, that is not you, Jessica. Plenty of other people have a similar personality, size, and shape.

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